API - How can I get all existing workspaces of my organization ?

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We tryed to get list of workspace created in our organization account

We use API with Bearer Authentification :'https://api.smartsheet.com/2.0/workspaces

I created API acces with my account (Administrator system) , API get result only Workspace where i have an acces on my SmartSheet Account/

How can I get all existing workspaces of my organization ?

Thanks in advance,


  • Hi Vincent,

    As you've found, the List Workspace request can only list those Workspaces that you have sharing permissions on, and can access to within your account (see our API documentation, here).

    Since you are a System Admin, you can generate a list of all sheets within your Organization (see here), but this does not include the Workspaces the sheets are located in.

    Instead of using the API, you may want to generate a Sheet Access Report from the User Management section of Smartsheet. This will provide you with a CSV file of all the sheets in your organization, and this includes the name of the workspace (see here).



  • Hello Genevieve,

    Thanks you for this response,

    If i understwwod well, if i wish to extract automaticaly list of all worksapces with API, i have to ask at all users to share with me worksapces.

    Other point,it's possible to extract automatically Sheet Access Report ?

    Thanks in advance,


  • Hi Vincent,

    Yes, you are correct!

    If you want to pull a list of all Workspaces in your organization through the API, then your account needs to be shared to each of those workspaces.

    The Sheet Access Report can be downloaded at any time through the Admin Center in your account as a CSV file.

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