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Is there a mechanism in the formula to hide the progress bar symbol when the row should not contain a progress bar (i.e. work may not apply)?

I have the following formula that works fine, but if an item is out of scope, I don't want there to be a progress bar shown at all.

=IF([AMS Complete]3 = 0, "Empty", IF([AMS Complete]3 = .25, "Quarter", IF([AMS Complete]3 = .50, "Half", IF([AMS Complete]3 = .75, "Three Quarter", IF([AMS Complete]3 = 1, "Full", IF(AND(ISBLANK([AMS Complete]3),ISBLANK([In Scope?]3),"","Empty"))))))


  • SoS | Dan Palenchar
    SoS | Dan Palenchar ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    You can change the order of the logic to first check if the item is in scope. If no, have it equal "", if move on to modify the progress bar. I am using a checkbox for "In Scope?" but it would work for other column types if you change the =0 to fit the criteria in question.


    =IF([In Scope?]@row = 0, "", IF([AMS Complete]@row = 0, "Empty", IF([AMS Complete]@row = 0.25, "Quarter", IF([AMS Complete]@row = 0.5, "Half", IF([AMS Complete]@row = 0.75, "Three Quarter", IF([AMS Complete]@row = 1, "Full"))))))


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  • Jon@AMS

    Thank you so much Dan. It looks as though I needed to control the visibility essentially in the first IF statement and then if it was visible to then display the progress.

    I really appreciate the assistance there!

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