Receive the latest Smartsheet product release notes on new capabilities and enhancements by email

Alyssa Hill
Alyssa Hill Employee
edited 06/21/20 in Smartsheet Basics

Hello Community,

We have heard your feedback for ways to stay informed on the latest enhancements—big and small—as they are released to our Smartsheet platform; now you can! 

As of this week, you are now able to subscribe to receive updates on the latest product release notes delivered straight to your email inbox! 

All release notes are available on our Public Release Notes landing page, where you can sort by large categories like, core-app features, premium products or Smartsheet Gov. You can also filter more specifically for a type of feature or premium product to see all notes available. 

Release notes emails will come straight to your inbox, daily (Monday-Friday) for our Smartsheet commercial platform users, and monthly for our Smartsheet Gov platform users. If there are no new releases, you will not receive an email that day. 

Please visit our Public Release Notes landing page to learn more and subscribe to our email updates!

Note: public release notes may take up to 1-2 business days to display on the website after a new product release.

Alyssa Hill

Director, Product Marketing