Can I link entire columns of two project sheets ?

Hi all ,

I would like to explain my concerns .

I want to know if it is possible to link columns of two project sheets ( one is the schedule baseline and the other is the actual schedule )  , so that when I populate information in the actual sheet columns , there is a change in the baseline sheet columns .

This is how I tried to proceed :

1 ) I have one project sheets called « Reference de base du planning » , with parent rows , child rows and Gantt chart . This sheet will be used as the baseline schedule and the date columns used to define the GANTT chart are : « Début prévisionnel » and « Fin prévisionnel ».

The sheet also contains two other date columns called « Début réel » and « Fin réelle » which can be translated respectively by « Actual Start » and « Actual Finish » .

2 ) I have also created another sheet from the first one by saving under another name and I called it « Planning actualisé 1 » . So this last sheet has the same columns as the first one , and will be used to populate actual information against the baseline .

What I want to do is to compare the two sheets in a report ( so comparing the same rows and columns ) but I want to link the « Début prévisionnel » column of the « Planning actualisé 1 » sheet to the « Actual Start » column of the « Reference de base du planning » sheet . I also want to link the « Fin prévisionnelle » column of the « Planning actualisé 1 » sheet to the « Actual Finish » column in the « Reference de base du planning » sheet .

Can you help me ?

Regarding my purpose , is there another solution ?

Thank you in advance . 

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    Hi @Peter Harink ,

    Thank you . I need to focus and try to implement your solution . I will give you a feedback soon .

    Thanks .