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Highlighting multiple changes

Kylie D'Costa
Kylie D'Costa ✭✭
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2017 Posts



I am using the 'Highlight changes' feature, currently set to highlight any change made within the last day in bright yellow - great.


However, due to our work flow it causes me a problem.

When we enter an entire new row it goes bright yellow (as it should). However, then, if another user makes an amendment to one of the cells IN THAT row, it does not stand out, becuase the ENTIRE ROW remains yellow until the 24 hour period is up.


I need to use the 'day' time period as it works great for our workflow, but I need a way to identify any further changes made within that row already highlighted??????


I'm using email alerts as a work around now (ie, send email if anything in coloumn x and y change), which is working, but its a bit clunky.


What i really need is a way to have 2 or more 'Highlight changes' function - ie: turn yellow for changes in the last day and turn pink for changes in the last hour.


Any ideas????


Thanks :)


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