Flagging Parent, if Child flagged and if parent % complete = 1


I have a project management sheet set up for % complete not using the sheet logic, but using formulas so I can have them fed by check boxes. I also have a manual 'star' flag so I can make notes (if something is done, but waiting for feedback) that turns yellow to remind me to look at it. I am looking to flag the parent 'star' in the same column but only if I am also claiming that area of work is 100% done. If it is only 50% done than I am going to be checking and working with it anyway.

In the screen shots, I would only want the "training" parent to be yellow if it was 100% complete, not 0%

Currently using =IF(COUNTIF(CHILDREN(), =1) > 0, 1, 0) and every variation of If(And.. that includes %Complete = 1 as the 2nd logical criteria has not worked. How do I combine these two requirement?


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