COUNTIFS on a cross sheet formula with ISDATE function


=COUNTIFS({PBR}, [email protected], {request date}, YEAR(@cell) = 2020)

The above works fine, but when I add an ISDATE function (below), fails.

=COUNTIFS({PBR}, [email protected], {request date}, YEAR(@cell) = 2020, {complete date}, ISDATE(@cell))

What am I doing wrong? I only need to count records with a completion date. I've also played with {complete date}, NOT(ISBLANK(@cell) with no success.

Seems easy, so I'm sure I'm missing something simple. Help!

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  • Thanks Paul. I promise I tried this 10 times this morning with no success, but it's working like a charm now! No idea what I was doing wrong. Maybe I just needed to step away for a few hours! 🤪

    Used this..

    =COUNTIFS({PBR}, [email protected], {request date}, YEAR(@cell) = 2020, {completed}, ISDATE(@cell))

    And a series of these for the months..

    =COUNTIFS({PBR}, [email protected], {request date}, AND(YEAR(@cell) = 2020, MONTH(@cell) = 1), {completed}, ISDATE(@cell))

  • Paul NewcomePaul Newcome ✭✭✭✭✭

    Sometimes sheets that have a lot going on can get a little buggy for a while, but if you leave it alone and come back later it is able to work itself out. One thing I have found that helps with this is to log out, clear my cookies and cache, then log back in.

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