Can I use an If Statement in Dropdown Form?

Answered - Pending Review

I have Column Field "Office Location" Single Dropdown NYOffice / NJOffice / CTOffice / WFH

I also have Column Field "Temp" = Text/Number

My Question:

If column field “Office Location” = WFH, then column field “Temp” = value to WFH or Zero “0”, in other words, if value selected in Office Location = WFH, make the Temp value = to WFH or 0 (zero)

Which is this in smartsheet =IF([Office Location]@row = "WFH", "WFH")

*** I would like to default to WFH in Temp if WFH is selected***

How do I apply this to the Form? Where People entering their Body Temperature as different Value like 97.7 etc...?



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