IF, AND Formula for multiple parameters



How do I create a formula for this scenario? I want the RYG Ball on the task level to automatically change colors when the dates on:

Finish is less than TODAY= Green

Finish is TODAY= Yellow

Finish is Greater than TODAY= RED

But I also want the RYG ball to turn green if the status has been marked complete, no matter what the finish date is?

Attached are the columns I am using:


  • Chris Rea

    I'd recommend a nested if/or statement over an if/and. something along the lines of:

    =IF(OR(Status@row="Complete", Finish@row<TODAY()), Turn ball green, IF(Finish@row=Today(), Turn Ball Yellow, Turn Ball Red))

    I haven't played with the RYG balls yet so I'm not familiar with the specific requirements to get that accomplished.

    Sorry I can't give you a complete answer

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