Discuss work in context by leveraging updates to Conversations


Hi Smartsheet Community,

My name is Diana and I’m the Product Marketing Manager for Conversations. I wanted to let you all know of some improvements that were built based on your suggestions!

  1. Deep Links to Comments from @mention Notifications - Deep links from @mention notifications brings users directly to the Conversation they were @mentioned in. By being directly linked to the Conversation, users will be able to quickly reply to questions and provide feedback to their teammates to their work in Smartsheet. To get started, @mention someone in the Conversations panel. Learn more.
  2. Row tab in Conversations Panel - Row tabs will allow you to be able to easily see row conversations directly from the Conversations Panel. Once you click into the speech bubble on the right panel, it’ll bring you to the conversations on the current row that you’re in. Quickly switch which row conversation you’d like to view by just scrolling and selecting the subsequent rows. You can also toggle to the “All tab” to see all conversations or the “Sheet tab” to see all sheet-level conversations. Learn more.

Both of these improvements will help your teams communicate more effectively using Smartsheet Conversations.

Please feel free to contact our support team or your account team for any questions.