IF CONTAIN formula - Email Validation


I'm attempting what I'd consider a pretty basic IF CONTAINS formula, but I'm not getting the results I'm expecting.

As an attempt to validate emails, I'm trying to use IF CONTAINS to turn on a flag when .com is not found in the email cell.

"Your email" field contains email, which in input by the user via form.

"NEEDS ATTENTION" field is a flag with the below formula in it.

=IF(CONTAINS(".com", [Your Email]@row), 0, 1)

The intention...when Your email, contains ".com" the true value of 0 means no flag will be set. When the value doesn't contain a string with ".com", then the value will be 1 and flag will be set.

The challenge I'm running into is the formula I'm using doesn't seem to work as intended. I'm not sure what I'm missing. Any suggestions to correcting this formula or a more efficient formula to validate emails?



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