How to find difference or gap in % when compared to 100% based on current % completion

let's assume, one of my team member completed 37% of the project and i want to determine the gap in % for this team member for the quarter. Could i get help on how to use formula to calculate the gap in % based on 100% as set target.

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  • Sean Morgan
    Sean Morgan Employee
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    Hello @prathap.krishnashetty69881

    Please see my possible below example.

    In the "Actual % Complete" column, I've entered: =1 - [% Complete]@row

    this subracts 100% (1) from the % Complete column to the left. Please note that with percentages, 1 = 100%. 0.5 would equal 50%, 0.28 would equal 28%.

    Please feel free to share a screenshot of your sheet if you have a different set-up or have to include criteria from a different column

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