How do I use the INDEX & MATCH function when trying to pull information from one sheet into another?

Hey All,

Reaching out to the masses to hopefully get some help. I need to pull information from sheet 1 into sheet 2 using the INDEX  and MATCH functions.

Sheet 1 that I want to pull information from has:

  • Child rows
  • Task Name column (The list of tasks have the same name in both sheet 1 and sheet 2)
  • Actual Date column

What I want to show up in sheet 2

  • The Actual Date column information

I’ve tried the following and keep getting “UNPARSABLE”, blank cells, or “NO MATCH” as the result

  • =INDEX({Actual Date}, MATCH([Exercise Name]@row, {Exercise Name}))
  • =INDEX([Actual Date]:[Actual Date], MATCH(Exercise Name@row, [Task Name]:[Task Name], 0))
  • =INDEX({Actual Date}, MATCH([Exercise Date]@row, {Exercise Name}))
  • =INDEX([{Actual Date}]:[{Actual Date}], MATCH([Exercise Name]@row), [{Exercise Name}]:[{Exercise Name}], 0))
  • =INDEX({Exercise Name}, MATCH([Exercise Name]@row, {Actual Date}))

I’ve gotten this info from Smartsheet

I can’t figure out what I’m missing! HELP PLEASE! :)


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