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Can you link to a good video giving IF and THEN formula examples


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  • RossL
    RossL ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    The if function is pretty straight forward.

    it is set up like this,

    IF what i want is true , Then say this, if not then say this

    for example if I had a column that if it had a value of "Blue" I would want it to say "Go" but if did not say "Blue" I would want it to say "Stop" my formula would look like this

    =IF([Column Name]@row = "Blue","Go","Stop")

    the first thing in the IF statement is you logical statement or what you want to see if it's true or not. the second thing is what to return if it is true. the last thing is what to return if it is false.

    If statements starts around 3:50

  • James Cruce

    Im still having trouble, how would you build the formula for this?

    If cell 1 in the severity column is "Minor"

    and cell 1 in the likelihood column is "RARE"

    I need the cell in the level column to automatically turn green and say "LOW"

  • James Cruce

    Thank you Very much

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