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Is there a way, then graphing data from a sheet to have it automatically pull in the data into a graph when new rows are added?

Currently, I click the graph widget on the Dashboard, and select the data I want to graph - but when new rows are added, the data does not automatically get added into the graph -


Problem 2

I have a data set - that i want to graph data over time - and I want to display multiple lines - based on ONE Column (thats a drop down with different values) - am am trying to graph a line based on the value in the drop down column over time - But what Im getting is the data point from the average column.

Example -

Column A (Date)

Column B (Item Number)

Column C (Average of other data in the row)

Need to graph (Item Number, based on the average, over time)

I would love to do this without creating a graph for each (item number) - but right now, I cant get that to work. Its only giving me the date and average (of that date) without graphing a new line for each item number.

In other graphs ive created, the legend allows to turn on / off specific lines of data - but I cant get this to work here.

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  • @Genevieve P - am I able to graph off a report? - I thought I was limited to graphing from a Sheet??? -

    thats a great Idea!

    Here is what I need to Graph -

    I would like to be able to Graph the BAR ID - (like the items above in your example) and track the signal average as it changes over time.

    Right now, all data is in one sheet - I can use automatic move row to separate the data by production line easy enough - but I still cant seem to get BAR IDs to graph as separate lines(like your example above)

    This data is captured in form entry - so adding lots of columns for each BAR ID 1-100 would be a pain in the butt for building, and data collection in forms -


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Brian_Anderson_Vegas

    Yes! Charts can be built from Reports - makes it easy to gather the information needed...just remember the entire Report is selected (you can't only choose specific cells) so ensure your criteria is super specific.

    In regards to your data, to map 3 items like this (Avg number, over time, per item) you would need to have each Bar ID be a column... that's how it will be recognized as an item in the legend, or its own separate line. With your Bar IDs in one column, it will only be able to have the Date as the X axis, then the Signal Average showing over time, but without specifying what each number is related to.

    You could potentially create multiple graphs, one-per-BarID. You could create individual Reports with the criteria as the BarID, and then the two columns showing in the Report be the Date & Average:

    Then you can compare them side-by-side, it just wouldn't be in the same chart.

    If you have access to it, on of our Premium Apps, the Pivot app, would make this easier as it can gather the data from your master sheet and format a second sheet automatically into those columns in my previous suggestion.

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