Action needed: Add new Smartsheet email domains to your trusted sender list


Hi Smartsheet Community, 

In the coming weeks, we will start a transition to begin using three new email subdomains to send emails generated by our Smartsheet app; such as automated workflows, sharing, conversation notifications and password resets. 

We are making this change to follow the email sending best practice of having separate subdomain names for each distinct sending purpose, which will provide you and your team a better email filtering experience. 

We expect this transition to take about a month, during which you will see emails from the three new domains listed below, and the old domain After the transition is over, emails generated by the Smartsheet app will no longer be sent from the main domain, but please keep that domain on your trusted sender list as well. 

We request that if you have a list of trusted sender domains, please add these new domains, or work with your IT department to get them added:  

  • - for notifications such as automated workflows, sharing, and conversations
  • - for welcome emails and daily mail 
  • - for system emails such as password resets and payment notifications

Adding these new domains as trusted senders will ensure you continue to receive important email notifications from the Smartsheet app to your inbox going forward, and ensure they won’t end up in your spam folder or blocked by spam filters. 

If you have any questions, please fill out this form or comment on this post. Learn more by checking out the “Not Receiving Email from Smartsheet” section of this help article

Thank you!