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In forms or reports is ther a way for user to enter a variable?

Situation: Sheet contains thouseands of employee names and corresponding information. Do not want users directly in sheet so they need to update information via report. Is there a way a report can ask user to enter a variable such as name rather than having to create an individual report for each employee?


1)sheet with columns for name, phone, ID#

2)Admin gets request to update ID# for employee Mary Richards

3)would like report to prompt for "employee name?" Once employee name entered, report would run.



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  • Tanya Brooks

    Thanks Matt. It does help by introducing a couple of connections I had not thought of (one beign assigning reports to specific users). I will give it a go. Appreciate it! Tanya

  • Tanya Brooks

    Hi Matt -

    a follow-up question: is there a way I can create multiple log-ins for myself so I can assign myself different permissions to see see what users would see? Very necessary for testing.

    Thanks, Tanya

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