Different timezones and the today function

So, in one of the sheets we are working on, the date for the today function always changes back and forth (a day difference). We think it's because a member of the team has a different timezone so whenever they make changes to the sheet, not relating to the today functions, it changes. We think this because whenever one of the members in our timezone updates the sheet, the date goes back to the right date. Is there a way to make the timezone fixed for the sheet or just make it so that it shows the correct date for both side and stop changing.


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  • Hi Peter,

    I think it is by user cell-link@smartsheet.com and I had no idea what this means. Can you elaborate on how you fixed it please?

    Thank you so much for your help!

  • Hi Wini,

    We fixed this with a process running in the cloud and updating just once every day the date. (we've built a small program which uses the Smartsheet API for this)

    If you need any help on that just send me an email.

    Kind regards,

    Peter Harink | 4EF.nl | Consultant & Managing Partner | peter.harink@4ef.nl

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