Bulk adding users to group


I am trying to add a bulk of emails into a smartsheet group.

It is suggested that you can do this by pasting email multiple email addresses into the " add members" fiels; however it just returns " please enter a valid email"

I have tried all formats of entering. Please advise as I have many contacts to add!


  • Stefan
    Stefan ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi Lewis,

    Smartsheet allows bulk importing of new contacts. You can do this in the user account part of the Admin Center (you need to be admin for that). Here is the help article:


    But maybe your Smartsheet admin has set the system to accept only defined domains to be added. In this case contact the admin.

    Hope this helps


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  • Hi Stefan,

    Thanks for your response. Bulk uploading contacts is not an issue.

    It is the bulk upload of members to a group. It is suggested that you can copy and paste multiple addresses here

    However this is not the case. The new admin centre looks to be different.

  • I am attempting to do the same thing. We have a group for everyone in our unit (membership is 329 contacts at present) that we use for sharing standard sheets and templated and granting access to unit wide reports. We have to manually add every person to the group as well as remember to remove them if they leave our group, but do not leave the company. The latter is taken care of by the deactivation of their ID but we would like to make it much easier to add and remove people as they shift groups.

    We have a CSV file we use to update Google Distribution lists and it would be easy to repurpose that and/or extract the Names and Email addresses in order to use for this purpose but there is no apparent way to do this that we can figure out via importing a file or a bulk cut and paste.

    If we had either, it would be as simple as removing everyone from the list and repopulating with the latest team distribution list data and viola!

  • Derrick,

    I worked out that it is possible, but only by going to your profile icon in the top right corner, hitting plan info and then there is a tab for group management. This appears to be the " old" way of managing groups before the new admin centre/group management was introduced. Once you are in here you can edit the groups and copy and paste mutliple email addresses into the group members field.

    Not very obvious ! Hope this helps you.

  • Stefan
    Stefan ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi Lewis, as it is working via the old admin dialog I would say it's a bug in the new admin centre. You may report it to Smartsheet support.

    Glad you found a workaround.



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