How to create a function that automatically updates to the newest row created

Hello! I am relatively new to Smartsheet and I am still in the process of learning excel. One of my sheets is a simple data entry sheet in which I need the Sheet Summary to show the information in the most recent row. I have been using the function "=[COLUMN NAME]1" to present the information in row 1. The issue is that every time I add a new row, the function automatically updates to the row in which it was originally assigned. So, after adding a new row, it would automatically adjust the function from "=[COLUMN NAME]1" to "=[COLUMN NAME]2" which is cool but it requires me to go in and manually update the function from a 2 (or any number) back to a 1. I have tried fixing this by replacing the 1 with the "@row" feature (so the function would look like "=[COLUMN NAME]@row") but the functions does not work and comes up as "#UNPARSEABLE". Is there a way to make my function so that it always uses the most recent row? I'm sure there is but can't seem to figure it out. Please and thank you for your time!


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