today() automatically change or not



  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Andrea Vecchi

    Yes, a Copy Row automation that creates a new row in the destination sheet will update instances of TODAY() in formulas that are present in the destination sheet. This would be similar to adding a new row through a form.

    As @Andrée Starå noted, if the TODAY formula is in the row being copied over, the formula won't be present as only the output text is copied over, not the underlying formula. However if there is a formula present in the destination sheet, such as in a top, summary row, or in an additional helper column, then these will update as new rows are added.

  • Andrea Vecchi

    Hi @Genevieve P I have tried but it seems not to work.

    I generated an automation that copy every day at 2am a new row in the sheet where I have my master today(), but the cell in the row at the top of the sheet where today() is located doesn't get updated.

    I am trying something different now, I have created a formula that contains a link to the cell where today() is located.

    Every time a new row is added, the formula will be copied from the row above and will do a simple calculation using today() cell. Let's see if this make any difference.

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