Combining information from 2 sheets based on matching data from 2 columns


I have multiple sheets tracking different aspects of grant submissions. I want to bring them all together into one sheet. I need to match items based on two columns and pull data from a third column. We have 24 counties and 2 grants that are being tracked. I want to put them all into one report where I can note if all components have been received (one sheet) in the same line as the budget action (dropdown of 4 items). I have tried using a variety of formulas from a VLOOKUP, to INDEX(MATCH()), to nested IF statements. The main error I have received is that it cannot be parsed. I would rather not combine the county and grant into one column, but could add it as a formula column. I have attached parts of the two sheets I am trying to combine into one. Unfortunately, I have deleted all the non-working formulas I have tried.

The formula would compare LHD and Grant from the new sheet with those columns from both of the indicated sheets and return a value from another column such as Budget Action (CountyBudgetTrackerSnip), All Components & All Appvd (BudgetCompRecdSnip) and put them into columns on the CountyBudgetSummary sheet.

My sheets only have two columns in common that is why I want to pull data from both into one report without having two lines for each County/Grant combination.

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  • Constance King

    Thanks! I am learning to use hidden columns and create sheets to use for reporting. I'm hiding the sheets from users also as they confuse them when they have access to the folders!

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