link a cell in "Edit" mode



A have a source sheet from which I am linking cells to the destination sheet. The later sheet is currently in "View" mode only. Does any one have an idea on how I can link cells in different sheets and be able to edit them in both source and destination sheet?

Or, if anyone has other suggestions for a similar function that allows me to link sheets and edit them as the same time.

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  • RossL
    RossL ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    @Amine Zorgani

    Cell Links are a one way street. They are not editable in the destination sheet. Reports will allow you to bring in editable information from multiple sheets but only as columns and not individual cells.

  • Amine Zorgani

    @RossL Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, allow you to display information contained in the source sheet and don't allow you to anything else which is not yet captured in a sheet (as some tasks are not project related).