Is it possible to divide the result of a countif formula by another?


I am trying to create sheet summary data that returns the % complete we are on confirming attendees at a new event.

In a check box column I have the formula "=COUNTIF([Confirmed - New Dates]3:[Confirmed - New Dates]47, 1) +" which returns the correct value.

Then in another check box column I have the total amount of people we need to contact: "=COUNTIF(Confirmed3:Confirmed47, 1) + "" which also returns the correct value.

However, I want to divide the returned value in the first column by the second column to show what percentage complete we are. And this returns an "Invalid Operation" Error.

I've tried as Sheet Summary data: "=[Confirmed for New Dates]#/[Total Confirmed]#"

and in a cell: =[Confirmed - New Dates]1/ Confirmed1

Any suggestions on how I can show this metric? The hope is to include the metric itself on a dashboard.



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