Issues with autosaving data


It appears that items are not saving or following the one minute save rule.

These issues have occurred in date range cells as well as check box cells. 

My thought is that this could be linked to a iOS 14 beta issue. 

At this time, I have only noticed this occurrence with absolute certainty twice. Here is the current software that my iPad is running. 

14.0 (18A5319i)

Any ideas? I have been using my ipad (using the full version) for a while, and never noticed any issues with the autosave. I checked my settings. Autosave is set for 1 min.


  • Sean Morgan

    Hello @steve50951 ,

    If possible, please can you reach out to the Smartsheet Support team regarding this:

    Although I'm unable to confirm if this is IOS beta related, there are a few other factors that could be causing this E.G Network



  • LPSInfo

    My account also isn't autosaving. I've rechecked settings.

    Also, do those settings flow into Teams when a sheet is added as a tab? Because if it should, it also isn't working there. I'm having to ctrl+s to save in Teams which I sometimes forget when responding to someone's chat which changes view from the smartsheet tab.

    I've tried on both Windows (edge) and Mac (safari) and it's not autosaving on either.

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