How to us VLookup in a Summary Sheet using Summary sheet fields and referencing another Smartsheet?

I will try to lay this out my Business Case in picture form.

Smartsheet Plan: Larry-Editable Template - COEe

  • In the Summary Sheet field: Project Request Status (COEE only) is defined as a dropdown list where I would like to use a VLOOKUP to pull status from another sheet using the Clarity Idea ID to match on and bring in Intake Status from Reference sheet listed below. 

Current Formula what I have used: =VLOOKUP([Clarity Idea ID]#, {KH FTMO Intake Tracker-Intake Status}, 1, false)

Reference Table KH fTMO Intake Tracker

Matching on Clarity Idea ID(Column 2) and on a match take Intake Status column (Column #11)

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