Will projects be available if a user moves from one account to another

Melani Coetsee
edited 07/29/20 in Smartsheet Basics

Our company has 2 accounts

  • One account @ $xx per license with a set number of users and
  • A second account @ $yy per license with a different number of users

We are unable to upgrade just one person in the first group from a $xx license to a $yy (as it requires everyone on that account to be upgraded - which they do not need).

The question is.

If we remove the person from the first account (@ $xx) and we add him to the other account (@$yy) with the same log-in email address. Will he be able to still access ALL of his previous projects?


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Melani Coetsee

    It sounds like you're looking to transfer one user's account from one plan to another. The ability of the user to retain their sheets/reports etc depends on how the user is removed from the original plan. The System Admin from that current plan has the ability to transfer all of this user's items to someone else, if they want to keep it within that plan (see here).

    However, if you want the user to retain their sheets, then you can simply invite them to the new plan. When they accept the invitation, they will retain access to all sheets that they own and they will no longer be billed for their previous account. Please see the section under "Additional Details for Paid Users" at the bottom of this Help Center article (here).

    If you have additional questions about this, you may want to contact Smartsheet Support directly, providing them with sensitive data such as this user's email address.

    You can also create backups of any of the sheets you're worried about (see here), or create copies with Save-As-New (see here).