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Alerts not moving over with a 'Save as New' sheet or using a Template

Victoria Ganuelas
Victoria Ganuelas ✭✭✭✭
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2017 Posts

Is there a way to also include existing Alerts (Notifications and Reminders) when creating a new smartsheet from another Smartsheet or from a Template?



  • Jeremy Myers
    Jeremy Myers ✭✭✭✭✭



    Save as template only saves the formatting of a sheet.  No formulas, locks or other functionality.  Save as New is your only option to preserve functionalty and you need to check to see exactly what it brings over. 


    You also need to be aware that exporting a sheet to save as a backup functions exactly the same as Save as Template, you get the data on one page and the comments on another page of an excel sheet -everything else is blown away.  


    The best backup you can achieve is through Save as New and it does not bring through alarms and notifications, so assume you are out of luck.

  • Hi All,


    Formulas are preseved in a template or when saving a copy of your sheet, but Jeremy is correct on Alerts not being preserved. I'll get your vote down on our enhancement request list (which is reviewed by our Product team) for a way to preserve Alerts (Notifications and Reminders) in a template or when copying a sheet.

  • Hi Shaine,


    Please add my vote, too. The inability to preserve Alerts in templates and when copying a sheet is a real drawback to an otherwise excellent collaborative tool. 

  • Preserving Alerts when making templates or copying sheets would be fantastic.

  • I also vote to add this.  I created a complex Project Plan Template that included reminders with specific messages/instructions for over 30 tasks (the whole plan has over 150 tasks and do not want reminders on all lines so I cannot use Sheet level).  Its time consuming to have to add all 30 again after I copy the template.  

    It would also be great to be able to copy a reminder, similar to how you can "clone rule" in conditional formatting.  

  • Please add my vote to add the ability to include notifications and alerts when duplicating a sheet or saving as template.

  • Any word or update on this Shaine please ?

  • Please add my vote.  Is there a location to view enhancement requests and priorities?

  • This feature would be great and save us time resetting Alerts on new sheets.

  • Please add my vote to this feature as well! Templates are great, but not being able to include alerts as part of that is a real drawback. 

  • As a new Smartsheet user with a view to implemeting into our business, I have spent a lot of time building a project management template with alerts.

    I am gob-smacked and annoyed that I am expected to re-input all the alerts and reminders every time I have a new project. What a phenomenal waste of time.

    My vote added too please.

  • I am constantly astonished how simple and expected functionality seems to be continually missing from smartsheets.  I've only been using this for a couple of weeks and I'm up to 6 or 7 missing features, ALL of which have been asked for since 2015 by the users.  This is only the latest.  Can anyone explain the rational behind crippling templates so much?  Can't save notifications, can't save alerts, can't edit a saved template, etc.  At this point besides using templates to archive data they aren't functioning much as a template which purpose is to to save time setting up the same structure over and over again.

  • Please add my vote (times 100 or whatever it takes to get this feature moved up in priority) so that alerts can copy over into a new sheet and WORK. 

    Reason: I work with multiples teams and coordinate multiple releases across multiple products. Having this feature is the one of the only reasons why we want to switch to SmartSheet. If we can't use this, we may move on and find a better product.

    Please provide an ETA.


  • Please add my vote.

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