Can Zapier update a row when the row has a status change and new rows are being inserted from a form

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Apologies for the lengthy question - challenging to explain succinctly!

I am attempting to build a fairly complex partner onboarding & setup workflow in Smartsheet. At the beginning of the workflow sales completes a Smartsheet 'Partner Setup' form & uploads the required paperwork. That triggers an approval alert which goes to legal. If the paperwork is incomplete legal will deny the request and it should go back to sales via an update request to provide the missing information. Sales will then upload the missing information to the update request at which point it should go back to legal for approval

To accomplish this I have two columns the first is the legal approval status and the second is the paperwork status. Both columns start in a status of 'submitted' when sales submits the paperwork. If legal denies their request (which is reflected in the legal approval column) I want to use Zapier to automatically update the paperwork status column from submitted to incomplete. That action would then trigger an update alert to sales to supply the missing info. Once they do they change the paperwork status to 'updated' which will send it back to legal.

I have the Zap working to update the paperwork field when the legal approval field changes. The challenge I am having is when new rows are added to the sheet via the partner submission form. Can a zap both look for new rows and specified changes to existing rows then make a row update?

This might be a simple question but I've not used Zapier before and am struggling to figure it out. Also, I can't combine the legal approval & paperwork column into one based on how those columns get used later on in the process.

Any help is greatly appreciated!


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    Hi @JHand

    My apologies for the delay in response; I'm not actually that familiar with Zapier, but my assumption is that these would be two separate Zaps set up on the same sheet: one for new rows and one for changes to existing rows.

    You may actually want to check out Zapier's Community (here), to see if a member there has a more detailed answer for you. If that hasn't helped, it may be easier to understand/replicate if we could see some screen captures of your sheet (but please block out any sensitive data!)