Smartsheet Salesforce Integration Question

Anna Guigli
Anna Guigli ✭✭
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Hi All,

I work in the Smartsheet/Salesforce connector frequently, but I am typically pulling information into Smartsheet from Salesforce.

The current issue I'm having is this: I have a Smartsheet that has a list of projects with columns of information about those projects. These projects are also Opportunities in Salesforce, right now, however, they are in no way connected to the Smartsheet list except that we know they are the same projects/they have the same name. I want to be able to a specific cell of information for each specific project to it's designated Salesforce opportunity.

I have pushed information from Smartsheet to Salesforce using the "Sync" checkbox, however, that was when it was a two way connector, so the projects were coming into Smartsheet from Salesforce, and then information was leaving Smartsheet to go to Salesforce.

Is there a way I can add a column to the smartsheet that specifies something about the Salesforce opportunity so that when i check the "Sync" box, the specific cell of information for that project goes to the correct opportunity in SF?




  • Nathan Lloyd
    Nathan Lloyd Employee
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    Hi Anna,

    I'm not entirely sure I understand the question, but It sounds like you're looking to sync changes back to Salesforce based on a "Sync" checkbox, and want to ensure that changes are synced back to the correct opportunity. At the moment, when connecting a sheet to the Salesforce Connector, only row information from mapped columns that you configured in the workflow will sync into the Smartsheet and back to Salesforce when syncs occur. The Salesforce Connector will use an Object ID (Opportunity in this case), to tie specific row data back to the matching record in Salesforce.

    You can use columns in the sheet (such as a checkbox), to configure a Sheet Filter which will allow you to control when syncs back to Salesforce will occur, but the Object ID in the row is what will allow syncs to tie back to the correct Salesforce record. See the example image below. In this example, the Salesforce ID is the record ID which matches with the associated Account record.

    Keep in mind that only fields that are included in your Salesforce Connector workflows "Fields" section will be synced back to Salesforce, so if the fields you're wanting to sync aren't included in the workflow already, you'll need to add those in field mappings.

    Hope that helps! If you need further clarification please feel free to reach out to Smartsheet Support.


    Nathan L.