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Michelle Basson
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Good day,

I am currently building a internal Stock system for our company, but I am running into a couple of issues.

I need to assign stock to various technicians. I am currently doing this by moving the stock item row in the Technician Warehouse sheet, however, this poses a problem if on my original sheet I imported units of a item, and the technician only requested 10 of the units. If I move the row to the technician it takes the entire row with the 50 units.

I need a type of Stock request form that would then draw the stock unit number from the main stock sheet, but I am not quite sure how to set that up.

If items are added as individual units I can do an approval process of assigning the stock to a technician and they review the stock ordered and the row can that automatically move to the technicians warehouse. This however cannot be done when stock is loaded as 50 units and the tech only needs 10 of those units.

Some advice or best practice would be greatly appreciated. I have added a QTY to supply, but not yet sure how to incorporate that in to a stock request form and how to allow the techs to see what units are available.

This is the separate sheet that shows the units on hand and the whether it is in stock or not. I have added a column for techs to request stock, but not yet sure if this will work.

Any ideas or comments will be appreciated.



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  • Matt Johnson
    Matt Johnson ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @Michelle Basson

    You definitely have a unique situation there. There are surely multiple ways to tackle this so I'm not suggesting my idea is the solution here, but...

    I would use a report for the Technician and keep everything on 1 sheet. Maybe add 2 columns; one for the phase (processing or in-stock) and one for notify technician (check box). If the phase is "processing" and the check box is "checked", then the item and corresponding qty will appear on the Technician's report.

    From there I think we're talking about a more complex solution involving remaining qty and what happens on the Technician's report once the stock item ships. Also, from the time the qty 50 is received, to the time the Technician is notified, I think some manual updates to the sheet will be needed.

    I hope that helps.

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