Long Decimals - 7 digit decimals

Good morning,

I have specific coding for each line item that reads as 7 digits with a "." followed by another 7 digits. So in essence, it looks like a long decimal. Smartsheets thinks it's a decimal and rounds it up, eliminating the last 2 digits when I leave the cell. Losing the last 2 digits changes the number and messes up my coding. Also, people with read only access to my sheet can't see the full coding string that is needed.

When I try to extend the decimal places, it stops me at 5. So I tried to create a formula separating the one column into two separate columns, using the "Left" and "Right" formulas, but the "Right" formula only pulls the 5 decimal places, not the full 7.

Is there any fix for the added decimals or a way to make the full string visible?

Thanks you.

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