Insert Formula within Workday "num_days" string


This may be super simple & this feature is available in excel, so I think i am just missing something in front of the "-1" for Smartsheet to pick up a formula. I am trying to calculate the day for a "test" shipment to arrive, based on 3 factors - 1. workday (with holidays), 2. Scheduled delivery date of devices, and # of transit days, depending on the state. For the "num_days" portion of the formula, I am trying to multiply it by "X # of ship days".

Here is my formula .... I don't have the holiday portion in yet, because I received "invalid data type." I tried changing the column properties to date and text. Any help would be great! Thanks!

=WORKDAY($[Device Delivery Date]1, -1 * [Mobile Device Ship Transit Days-Average]1)

Test info

Device Delivery Date: 8/26/20

Transit Time/Days: 1.2

Test Shipment date: Output


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