How would I update a row status based on what has been checkmarked in the same row/multiple columns?


Hi everyone! Need some help with this one, I've been stuck on it for days! Essentially what I'd like to happen is we are having a process that must happen in chronological order (starting at Page Created to the right). What we'd like to accomplish is the Overall Status to update based on what has been completed (check marked).

So breaking it down:

  1. Page Created NOT checked, Overall Status ="Not Started"
  2. Page Created Checked, Overall Status = "Page Created"
  3. Content Entered Checked, Overall Status = "Pending Content Approval"
  4. Context Approved Checked, Overall Status = " Pending UX Pass"
  5. UX Pass Checked, Overall Status = "Pending Design Pass"
  6. Design Pass Checked, Overall Status = "Pending Final Approval"
  7. Final Approval Checked, Overall Status = "Ready for Publishing"
  8. Page Published Checked, Overall Status = "Complete"

Is this type of update possible?? Looking forward to help/guidance from the community!


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