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07/31/20 Edited 07/31/20
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I'm using health circles to indicate progress. However, I want the circles (green, red, yellow, and gray) to show active stages in the process (complete, incomplete, in progress, on hold, respectively). I want phases that are not yet started, because the start date has not yet started or is not yet set, to remain blank...i.e. no health circle. Is that possible? I tried erasing start and end dates for these projects but a circle still pops up.

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    You can use the below formula (add it to the column with the Health symbols) assuming column names of Start Date, Stage, and Health. It will check to see if there is a date in the Start Date column, if yes, it will output the appropriate symbol based on Stage. If not, it will return blank.

    =IF(ISDATE([Start Date]@row), IF([email protected] = "Complete", "Green", IF([email protected] = "Incomplete", "Red", IF([email protected] = "In Progress", "Yellow", IF([email protected] = "On Hold", "Gray")))), "")

    It looks like this

  • Thank you Dan, this is useful. What if the start date is present but in the future? I'd like it to show as blank if we have not yet reached the planned start date.

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