Is there a simpler way...

Options do the following:

At the beginning of every month, take the values from a sheet and copy them to another. Essentially, take a "snapshot" of the data in dynamic fields, and store it in another place. Details...

1) The values I want to take are in a Sheet Summary. Since those can't be linked to (correct?), I needed to replicate those calculations in the sheet itself and then hide the columns to keep its same view.

2) In a what might be called a "staging sheet," I linked to the data created in the columns mentioned in (1). I can't link directly to the data in those columns (1) in my final sheet because: 1) The values are dynamic, and 2) There is no function to copy just a cell to another place - only a row (correct?) - see below for my workflow step. If there were, I wouldn't need the staging sheet.

3) Then, created a Workflow in my staging sheet to copy the row to its final destination. It puts it at the bottom, so I'll have to go and move it to the top and add the date, but at least if I forget to take the snapshot at the beginning of the month, it will be captured.

Are my assumptions correct and might there be a way with fewer steps?