multiple IF OR statement help


Hi Can get one IF OR statement but need help with multiples please...

=IF(OR(Name2 = "Alex", Name2 = "Dana",Name2="PAt"), "Jo" OR (Name2="Adi", Name2="Mal",Name2="Mark "), "Angela" OR(Name2="Sophie", Name2="Amy", Name2="Elle",Name2="Dan"), "Mary")


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  • Brian Campbell
    Brian Campbell ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hello Lara, an alternative to this could be a vlookup or data mesh. Also it would probably be a quicker running one of those formulas and easier to tweek if necessary. If you need help with this just let me know.

    I believe the formula you need is close to this if you go the initial route (see bottom). With each new group a new if statement is needed basically going like this. The logic is if any of the criteria is true then show the true statement, if not go to the next set of criteria and repeat.

    =if(or(Criteria1, Criteria 2), Value if true, if(or(Criteria1, Criteria 2), value if true, if(or(Criteria1, Criteria 2), value if true, value if false)))

    =IF(OR([Name2]@row= "Alex", [Name2]@row = "Dana", [Name2]@row="PAt"), "Jo", if(OR ([Name2]@row="Adi",

    [Name2]@row="Mal",[Name2]@row="Mark "), "Angela", if(OR([Name2]@row="Sophie",

    [Name2]@row="Amy", [Name2]@row="Elle",[Name2]@row="Dan"), "Mary", "Value if all false")))


  • Lara Homewood
    Answer ✓

    Thank you Michael, unfortunately the statement you kindly wrote for me didn't work but perhaps I'll look at doing vlookup later on .. my brain is formula fried!!!

    Thank you so much. Really is appreciated

  • Paul Newcome
    Paul Newcome ✭✭✭✭✭✭
    Answer ✓

    Give this one a go...

    =IF(OR(Name2 = "Alex", Name2 = "Dana", Name2 = "PAt"), "Jo", IF(OR(Name2 = "Adi", Name2 = "Mal", Name2 = "Mark"), "Angela", IF(OR(Name2 = "Sophie", Name2 = "Amy", Name2 = "Elle", Name2 = "Dan"), "Mary")))