Is this possible with any combination of copy/move; index/match, and or cell linking/other?

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I want to see if it is possible to copy rows from a master sheet in to other sheets and have them sync'd to where the master sheet changes reflect in the rows copied to the other sheets and the changes in the other sheets reflect in the master.

EX: (does not matter what type of col. but Master sheet has 5 cols., 4 are populated. When the 5th is populated or checked, the row will go to a specific sheet (based on a value in one of the cols.)with the same exact cols.. This happens for any number (say 10) sheets. So now I have say 20 rows in the master and a total of lets say 2 rows in each of the 10 sheets, the same 20 rows in the master sheet. All match and all are present in one of the 10 sheets and the master. When someone changes the master, the corresponding sheet changes and when that corresponding sheet changes the master changes. Last change will always be the one presented.

I can't seem to copy rows and have the index/match formula present in the other sheet because the copy considers that data and goes to the next blank row. I don't really want to go in and do the drag formula but if that is the only way, that might have to be it but then the master sheet needs the correct formula and it will not always be for the same sheet, it will differ by row amongst the 10 sheets.

The issue has come about because the owner of the Master does not want the other 10 sheet owners in their sheet so they all need their own sheets. If there was a way to restrict the row in the master sheet to only be edited by the Master sheet owner or the person identified in one of the columns, that might work to resolve the problem as well but I have not see that capability either. Open to suggestions. Thank you all.

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Happy to help if I can.

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