VLookup is not bring back values


I am using vlookup in a master tracking sheet that is looking up Names and bring back date values in a data entry sheet. The data entry sheet is updated on a weekly basis from the same group of Names multiple times during the week so the formulas is suppose to bring back the dates activities are completed with rows added at the top:

Week 1: =VLOOKUP(Name#, {Source Sheet Range#}, 2, 0)

Week 2: =VLOOKUP(Name#, {Source Sheet Range#}, 3, 0)

Week 3: =VLOOKUP(Name#, {Source Sheet Range#}, 4, 0)

The formula is no longer returning dates, the value for week 1 and 2 are inconsistently blank. It appears that as the user enters data, the formula is bring back "blanks" for week 1 as it's reading the new line while populating week 2. In some cases both week 1 and week 2 are blank.

Any suggestions?


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