I want to create a formula that would dispute 1 out of 3 message depending upon the content.

Bolz Oke
Bolz Oke ✭✭
edited 08/05/20 in Formulas and Functions

I currently have a formula grabbing the data from the CCTV Warranty Expire cell and if it's less than today's date, it's displaying "Out of Warranty" in the CCTV Warranty Status column. If it's greater than today's day, it will display "In Warranty". However I noticed that when the CCTV Warranty Expire column is blank, it will still display the Out of Warranty statement. How do I add to this formula to state that if the CCTV Warranty Expire date is blank, then display "No Info Available"

=IF([CCTV Warranty Expire]2 > TODAY(), " In Warranty", "Out of Warranty")


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