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Basing a count formula off of the current date for the day

Dawn DeLuca
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2017 Posts

I am trying to create a formula where I can total up certain fields each day. Does anyone know of the formula that would allow the use of today's date in a countifs situation? 



  • Tony Coleman
    edited 01/24/17

    Hi Dawn I think I've got it, depends on your use case.   I quickly mocked up a sheet to show me my orders, when they were entered and when the sale date is, with order 3 happening in the future.   So my actual sales is calculated at the top



    Dawn 2.PNG

  • Dawn DeLuca
    edited 01/24/17

    Thank you so much!! This was a big help. I was able to do =sumif(date:date, Today(), Value:Value) so this way it totals everything for todays date. Laughing

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