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Report Builder and Date sorting

Hopey ✭✭
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2017 Posts

I am trying to filter dates in report buider. I am using WHAT which gives me the option of manually inputting dates between . But when i use the run it doesnt filter to the date crieria I have used.

I have tried to use the WHEN column but it I lose all the rows then and I cannot see the relevance of Modified or Created dates I just want to filter the dates in the report.

Help please



  • You should be able to just re-add the columns 


    you can select any columns to add to the report.  Hope this helps.


  • Hopey
    Hopey ✭✭

    Hi Tony,


    I still not understanding this. I can add the columns OK but the date function in WHAT doesn't filter relative to the dates between criteria. I put that I want data filtered between 01/08/16 to 31/10/16 and I still get all data betweem 01/01/16 to 31/12/16.



  • ah, think I got it.  In your main sheet the column that you are putting in your "What" selection must be something like a text/number column.   Whereas if it is a Date column it will work better in that report. (so Column Properties).  


    I suspect it will have something to do with when a date is entered in a spreadsheet and it comes up as 45605 (or similar) - the sheet is treating it as a number.   So  change your sheet with dates to a Date column type..


    Any help?


  • Hopey
    Hopey ✭✭
    edited 01/24/17

    Hi Tony


    You got it! and I am now hapilly filtering dates. Thanks for your help I was getting fixated.



  • Good news, always happy to help (helps me to learn along the way as well).


    Have fun

  • Hopey - Did you ever find a solution to the Purchase Order functionality you were looking for? We're trying to find the same thing as we've built most of the specifications using Smartsheet but need to feed the data into a Purchase Order and ultimately hit our accounting system and inventory. Right now we have different sheets to handle the Specs, POs, Inventory and they are all stand alone to our finance system causing a lot of duplicate work. Other than investing in a entire ERP or other systems, I wanted to reuse what we have in Smartsheet because of the flexibility.

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