Resetting week-1 networkdays dates based on week-2 day of the week


Hello All, I'll try and explain this without confusing everyone :)

I'm building a travel calendar that project managers will fill out every Thursday for the following week. I'm using the PM's name in the parent row and dates in the child row and would like to use networkdays if possible.

I don't want to create dates for the rest of the year because that make the sheet very long and people complain about scrolling... And they'll fill in the wrong date.

Week-1: 8/10/20-8/14/20 | Week-2: 8/17/20-8/21/20

On 8/13/20 the PM will fill out his travel info for Week-2

As week-2 starts I need week-1's dates reset to Week-3's (8/24/20-8/28/20) dates automatically. A bonus would be to clear the travel info in Column 3 & Column 4.

Is this possible, or does someone have a way to do something similar? The goal here is to reduce the work the PM coordinator has to do on this.

Thank you for any help or suggestions


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