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Issue Calculationg Actual Durations


I have a project sheet where i added an actual start and actual finish.  I also added an "actual duration" column, which is a calculated field.  In that column is the following formula:


=NETWORKDAYS([Actual Start]2, [Actual Finish]2)


The problem is that in some cells it is showing a huge value.  There isn't a rhyme or reason that I can see why this is happening.  (See screen shot.)

Actual Duration Issue.PNG



  • Helene Delgado

    Problem solved.  But in case someone had the same problem.  The actual start and actual finish dates are set as =min and =max respectively.  The issue on the first row was because the max was acually set incorrectly to calculate from the actual start instead of the actual finish.  The second issue, (and the one that provided a much needed chuckle), was because the actual start date was set to 12/16/2916. 


  • Rob Hagan
    Rob Hagan ✭✭✭

    Hi Helene,

    If you add a couple of ISBLANK() tests into your formula you may remove the comment at the top of the column.



  • Helene Delgado

    Thanks Rob.  That was an old template someone was using.  In my new template I used better error handling.  I have an IF ERROR formula that shows "Likely No Dates" on a cell when the dates are missing so it doesn't display the ugly error message. 


    =IFERROR(NETWORKDAYS([Actual Start]x, [Actual Finish]x), "Likely no dates"); where x is the row #.

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