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Drop down selection box legend

Daryl McCann
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2017 Posts

It would be really nice if when you set up a multiple choice slection box and you are using acronyms, that you could put a short description by each. I'm always trying to make columns narrower to allow more columns on the screen without having to use a slide bar to see more. I set up one column that indicates which department is responsible for the task. I gave each a 2 letter acronym. I constantly have people asking me what each acronym stands for. If when they dropped down the list, they could see a desription to the right that would reduce one more question and we would get better accuracy and quicker selection. Is there a way to do that now and would it be hard to do? Other option would be to have pop up comment boxes where you could put the legend. Pop up comment boxes would in general be very helpful for navigatiing through a Smart Sheet.


  • Shaine Greenwood

    Hi Daryl,


    You might consider putting your acronym description in your dropdowns (e.g. "P - Published"), or instead of using acroynoms, typing the words out in their entirety to avoid confusion.


    If you need to use the acronyms for a different purpose, you can use a formula to populate the acroynm in another column, such as =IF(Status1 = "Published", "P")

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