This / previous month, / This / Previous week selectors for reports, reminders, alerts and automatin


There are hundreds administrators, who are using additional odd helper columns with formula to calculate If the month @row/cell is from this month or previous month. 

It would be "OK-ish", however it's impossible to use this format of calculations, when using external autopopulation sources (which by the way i'm using a lot) of rows - rows don't get calculated, formulas don't get copied. Multiple things happen. It would be great to just have reports filtered with "previous month" @specific rows.

Or have automated actions for example "Copy rows to other sheet at 1st day of this month, based on "Date added" column, where month is Previous Month".

I've just lost a promising client who couldn't make automated row copies to other sheets based on month.

I know you guys would tell me to contact Smartsheet development team which, by the way, i already did.

However i just want to encourage people with similar problems to encourage and write devs too! Let's just make a friendly push for them to get the system better :)