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Selecting entire sheet for formatting

Is there any way to select an entire sheet for formatting? Thanks!



  • Jeremy Myers
    Jeremy Myers ✭✭✭✭✭

    Selelct the top line, hold down control, select the bottommost line.  Format the entire thing in one swipe.  Or if you are only formatting a single column, use the formatt painter.

  • For me when I select the first row then hold shift and select the last row it will highlight all rows in between.

  • Easy enough answer to the question I also had :) Does anyone know if Smartsheet is planning to allow "ctrl + A" to select all cells in the future? When you have 500+ rows, scrolling to select the last row isn't ideal....I did find it also works if you select the first column + shift and last column.

  • Hi!

    Found that you can do command + Shift + arrow key down and select everything.


  • Zachw
    Zachw ✭✭✭

    Shift + Click on rows/columns to select the whole sheet works, but is very cumbersome and annoying IMO.

    Smartsheet should really add a method to select all cells such as:

    • Ctr + A
    • Click on very top left of grid (as in excel or gDocs)
    • Any other method to select the entire sheet.
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