Formula based on System-Generated Created Time


Is there are formula to bring the time out of the the System-Generated Created Time to e.g. add on 20 min to this and then perform an action?

I have an easy sheet which is filled via 2 forms; one form is used to check in, one is for the check out, filling the same sheet.

Problem statement: If someone forgot to check out, we want to have an automation after 20 min, that this checked in person is automatically checked out or alternatively gets an email that he/she has to check out.

I researched a lot here in the help articles but did not find much for now, any help is appreciated!



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  • Mony Eibner

    Hi, thanks a lot for the fast reply. I already assumed that it will not work but wanted a verification. Unfortunately coding is not an option. But thanks again, I will tell the owners that they have to monitor their sheet manually and check out people directly there if they do not check out themselves.

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