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I've been researching this for quite a while, but it seems I can't find a solution on my own. Hopefully, some of you have encountered the same type of issue, and will be able to point me in the right direction.

I'm trying to create multiple sheets to help my team keep track on our projects, and have created a mastersheet where most of the information will be updated. From this sheet, I'd like to be able to create sheets that extract information and are able to point information back to the mastersheet. (I find the sheet summary-reports will not give me exactly what I'm looking for.)

All our projects come with a unique order number, which I'm trying to use as a link between the sheets, but I keep getting circular reference-errors when I work in my associated sheets as I have used cell linking to make sure the order number-list is updated.

Is there any way to update the list of order numbers from the mastersheet to the associated sheets, while still being able to use the VLOOKUP-function to extract information back and forth between the different sheets? Or will I have to start each use of the associated sheets with copying in the order numbers from the mastersheet?

Thankfull for all help!

Best, Line


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