Multiple "Then" in an If then formula



Does anyone know if it is possible to have multiple "Thens" in a If/Then formula?

I have a column with a multi-select drop down for new hire provisioning needs, and we want to automatically pre-populate the Software column with 2 applications everyone will need and then still allow hiring managers to add more to that column through an update request. I would like to write: If(Status1="Hired",[Word, Acrobat Reader],""), so if status changes to "Hired" Word and Acrobat Reader are automatically added in the cell of the Software column. Can this be done without being forced to write the 2 applications as one item "If(Status1="Hired" , "Word, Acrobat Reader" , "")?

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  • Tony DiPaolo

    Thank you L@123 and Andree. I will use the formula to add the items on separate rows within a cell, create a helper column for the rest of the software to be added through the Update Request as submit an enhancement request to Smartsheet. Thank you for the quick answers.

  • Andrée Starå
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    @Tony DiPaolo


    You're more than welcome!


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